Hostgator Coupons January 2016

Hostgator Coupons January 2016 – the latest hostgator coupons for the month of January 2016. Save over 84% with these hostgator promotional codes and learn more about the webhosting company in this hostgator review 2016.


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Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon

HostGator is one of the multi-featured and flexible web hosting services today. Their services excel in terms of disk space, unlimited services, unrestricted bandwidth and tons of other features. It also comes with unlimited subdomains so that you can host as many websites as you want under your account. Hostgator brims with tons of features, this is why it is a highly ranked web hosting service.

Hostgator 2016 Coupons


Here is a Hostgator review indicating various features of the web hosting company.

Easy site Builder

For beginners and anyone that would like to build a simple static HTML site, Hostgator offers Easy BaseKit SiteBuilder tool that comes with a large selection of templates. With this, one can come up with a professional looking site in very few minutes. If you are a more advanced developer, you can choose the One-Click install hosting. Apart from this it offers a massive selection of applications that vary from Drupal, Joomal to wordpress. Hostgator is therefore built for anyone, beginners and advanced developers will find this webhosting service quite important.

Top email tools

HostGator offers top email tools for Web hosting. Its email marketing tools allow creation of unlimited email addresses associated with the domains. Creation of unlimited email addresses with each of the domains will be very important to business owners that would like to have each of their employees with a company email. Other important email features include the virus, spam filters, ability to create aliases and web-based email. For someone with lots of contacts, you will be able to create auto-responders and a mailing list. All these features will depend on the kind of website you want. Whatever kind of website you would like to build, you can be sure that Hostgator has the best possible email services.

Cheap and reliable

HostGator pricing is quite reasonable. Compared to their competitors, the availability of Hostgator coupons mean that you could sign up for a domain for as little as 1 cent in the first month. This is simply a great deal of bargain. Even though they offer cheap webhosting services, they never fail in the quality of their services. Their services are reliable and they have an excellent customer service.

Reliable Customer service

Even with an increase in the number of clients, Hostgator continues to have a reliable customer service. Different Hostgator review rate them highly due to their reliable and supportive customer service, they are always friendly and will answer your questions accurately. You can communicate directly with them via an online chat, call their toll free line or simply contact them via email.

HostGator has been one of the most successful Web Hosting services today. With over 8 million domains that have been well-reputed in the web host industry, HostGator certainly deserves a 5/5 star rating. Even with highly competitive players in web hosting, they have managed to get ahead of their rivals and become one of the top companies in the web hosting industry. With tons of features associated with their services and a 24/7 support, it is certainly a smart and wise choice to join HostGator today.


10 Facebook Marketing Tips

The world of marketing has changed dramatically in recent years. Social media has become essential to effectively promote your business. Facebook can be an incredibly powerful tool for building your business, if you know how to use it. Every kind of business can benefit from using Facebook to promote their service or product.

Below is a list of the top 10 tips for marketing your business on Facebook:

To accelerate your Facebook Marketing we recommend that you check out the newly released Blastoo Marketing APP:

Blastoo Software Review

#1: Creating a Business Page
Obviously, the first step in the marketing process on Facebook is creating a business page. If you don’t have one already, it’s super easy and quick to set up. Watch the various tutorials the site offers if you are unfamiliar with the layout.

#2: Post Frequently
Studies show that businesses who make frequent posts to this social media site have much better statistics than those who don’t. So what’s the magic number? Aim for at least two posts per day. This way you won’t over or underwhelm your audience, keeping them engaged and interested.

#3: Lead with a Question
Conventional marketing wisdom might tell you to follow-up with a question rather than lead with one. But that’s not the case on Facebook. Engage your audience by starting out with a question and then you can follow-up with more information about your business. Using the Blastoo Software developed by Phil Benham you can post these questions automatically to your webpage visitors facebook timelines.

#4: Talk to Your Audience
Building personal connections is what social media is all about. Building trust is crucial for any business; personally engaging with customers in a timely and effective manner is a great way to earn their trust and loyalty. Using a Facebook marketing application such as Blastoo makes this process much easier.

#5: Avoid Overspending on Ads
It’s easy to get carried with your Facebook advertising budget. The lottery of impressions and clicks always seems like it’s just around the corner. Avoid this viscous cycle by testing multiple ads in limited release. Then, you will have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

#6: Punch the Facebook Clock
Every time you start work in the morning, even if it’s in a home office, check-in on Facebook. This will unobtrusively place your name in the news feed on a regular basis.

#7: Don’t Post During Peak Hours
Avoid making posts during peak hours, 8 am – 6 pm, as much as possible. This is the time of day when users are being flooded with updates and advertisements. Therefore, yours is unlikely to stand out.

#8: Answer Questions Before They’re Asked
If a potential customer is visiting your business page, that probably means they have a question and they’re wondering if you can answer it. Include all of the necessary information about your business on your Facebook page. Think about what questions you get asked most frequently by customers, and that will give you a good idea about what to include on your page.

#9: Mix and Match Posts
Make sure to include a variety of posts from relevant sources. If you see something interesting on your news feed that relates to your business, re-post it. Mix up industry related news with your own personal posts to keep your audience interested.

#10: Post a Weekly/Monthly Special
Everybody loves a good deal. Offer your customers (new and old) a little something extra each month. Or, you can promote a weekly discount that your customers can look forward to seeing.

Hostgator Coupons June 2015

Hostgator Coupon June 2015 – the top hostgator coupon and discount offers for the month of June 2015. Save up to 99% with the June 1 Cent Coupon.

There are many webhosting companies across the world. However, it is vital to choose a web hosting company that is reliable, affordable, and offers a variety of web hosting options. HostGator offers many different types of web hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting. HostGator Review can help you when it comes to choosing the best web hosting plan that meets your needs. You will need to choose the right hosting plan based on your website’s targeted audience, niche of your website, budget, and your objectives. If you are not still sure about how do you choose a web hosting company, an authentic 2015 HostGator Review can help you make an informed decision.


Hostgator Coupons June

There are many different types of HostGator webhosting plans, including:

Shared Webhosting – Shared web hosting is generally recommended for new websites. Among the different HostGator’s shared web hosting services, shared webhosting is the most popular web hosting service it offers. All shared hosting plans come with a 45-day money back guarantee. HostGator’s shared web hosting service includes three different plans:

Hatching Plan
Hatching plan is the most basic shared hosting plan to get started quickly and easily. This plan is the best option for new websites. In addition to all the basic features, Hatching Plan also offers additional features that
· One single domain
· Unlimited disk space
· Unlimited bandwidth
· Shared SSL certificate
· Free Weebly SiteBuilder and website building tools
· Flexible payment plans, including yearly and monthly payment options

Baby Plan
Baby plan gives you the ability to host more than one website under one single hosting account. All websites are managed by one single cPanel.
· Unlimited domains
· Unlimited disk space
· Unlimited bandwidth
· Shared SSL certificate
· Free Weebly SiteBuilder and website building tools
· Flexible payment plans, including yearly and monthly payment options

Business Plan
HostGator’s Business plan suits businesses of all sizes and individuals that need more advanced hosting features and services, including free private SSL & IP
· Unlimited domains
· Unlimited disk space
· Unlimited bandwidth
· Free private SSL & IP
· Free Weebly SiteBuilder and website building tools
· Free toll free number
· Flexible payment plans, including yearly and monthly payment options

Among all the HostGator Webhosting Plans shared web hosting offers the best features at the best prices.

VPS Hosting – VPS hosting is ideal for most advanced users, and usually those needing custom software packages that are not provided by shared hosting. Like shared hosting, you website will be sharing the same server with other users’ websites, but VPS hosting allocates less websites per server.

Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated hosting is the most powerful hosting service that gives you a dedicated server where your website will be hosted on. Your server will not be shared with any other users. Generally, websites of big businesses or websites with a very larger traffic need dedicated hosting to meet all of their hosting requirements and needs.

Reseller Hosting – Reseller hosting is designed for webmasters, or others who want to start a web hosting business by reselling their own web hosting services to businesses and individuals. This kind of hosting is also a good option for businesses or people with multiple websites. You can manage all the websites under just one control panel.

In Conclusion
HostGator offers different web hosting plans to meet each website’s unique needs. Generally, shared web hosting is what most users look for and need to set up their new web sites and continue with. However, if you are in need of more advanced features and custom software, you could choose either VPS or dedicated hosting services, depending on your requirements and needs. Millions of clients across the world trust HostGator Webhosting Plans because of the world-class hosting services, customer support and 99.9% uptime guarantee HostGator provides.

Hostgator Coupon August 2015

Hostgator Coupon August 2015 – Great discounts and affordable promo codes with these August 2015 coupons.

There are a number of available and upcoming web hosting support systems available for developers and businessmen who are are looking for a web hosting support. Hostgator is considered as the best available web hosting site on the market today. It provides customers with the necessary tools and equipment to facilitate one to set up a fully-functional website to be up and running in a very fast manner.


Hostgator coupons August

About Hostgator

Hostgator was started in a dorm room in the Atlantic Florida University over a decade ago, but now hosts millions of blogs and websites. This portrays the hard-work, high trust and quality of services that they offer.

Hostgator is a premium web hosting provider and one of the top ten largest web hosting companies in the world. It boasts a feat of more than 9 million hosted domain names and as been the the number one choice for web developers, web designers, and business owners for many years.

Why Hostgator beats so many competitors

The story behind the success of the company is based on how it understands the demands of the customers. It continues with its provision of high quality web hosting services to customers at an exceptionally low price. No matter the size and type of website you are running, hostgator can deliver an appropriate web hosting solution.

There are numerous partnerships that have been forged to allow new customers to get services even cheaper. There are multiple coupon codes that provide huge discount percentages for those interested in hostgator services.

What makes Hostgator stand out

1. Affordability

It has a web support that is quite affordable for those individuals looking for cheaper options. They make it quite easy for the business to be able to afford their services whenever they need them. After customers get web hosting solutions from hostgator, they do not charge their customers for further assistance. Their affordable options do not only focus on making things cheap, but also ensure that they get the best and awesome solutions for a cheaper price.

2. Money Back Guarantee

The hostgator solutions offer a guarantee to its customers if they do not get the satisfaction that they expected from the product. This is focused on giving more trust to customers on the effectiveness of service delivery. The guarantee is made available for a period of time inclusive of the use of demos that one can try before having the whole system installed.

3. Technical Support

There are a technical support staff that are available at all times to assist customers with any issues that they would wish them to get settled. The support system is quite experienced to ensure that customers get assisted for all their problems. For those in the internet marketing, blogging and technology bloggers, the hostgator web services offer good rates for hosting and domain name service, with a very affordable service that is paid on a monthly basis.

4. Easy to Use Control Panel

The hosting solution has an easy to use control panel that customers can use to get faster services and facilitate customization of their work without seeking outside assistance. One can use it with a little knowledge and the technical support is always available for further help.

The Hostgator’s Shared Hosting Features

- It is trusted by over 9.5 million Website Owners
- Unlimited features- Disk space, Monthly Bandwidth, FTP account, MySQL Databases, Sub-domains
- 2 free website builders & 4,500 free website templates for any hosting package.
- Latest cPanel with hundreds of free scripts auto-installer- WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop,OpenCart
- Nightly website backups and restores. Customer can easily backup and restore website and database via the control panel.
- 24/7 support
- 45 day money back guarantee

What makes Hostgator the best hosting company

1. Renowned Customer Support

The way you treat customers is a determining factor in making or breaking a company. There is extensive video tutorial and forum for help in the time of crisis. There are top notch technology gurus who are always available to attend to questions.

2. 99% Uptime and Lightening Speed

Hostgator offers a 99.9% uptime and this is the best you can ever get.

3. Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth

Even with the hatchling plan, they offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for you to host your website, blog or business.

4 Reasonable pricing and packaging.

The hosting packaging and pricing in incredible. It is very cheap and divided into reasonable packages to fit different user needs and pocket

Hostgator offers coupons for new customers, guarantees a 99.9% server uptime and a 45 day trial with your money back if your needs are not met. This is the only site rated 5 star. Give it a try.

Hostgator Coupons 2016

Hostgator Coupons 2016 – the most valuable hostgator coupons for 2016. Save big on your Hostgator webhosting plan with these discount coupons.

Web hosting is a type of service that serves your site to anyone who visits it. Although it is possible to host your own site from a computer at your home, to choose a web-hosting provider is the best option. Web hosting providers have data centers with fast connections; thus are able to store your website on these fast servers, and this is the main reason they are recommended over hosting your own site from a computer at your home.


Hostgator Coupons 2016

An example of a web-hosting provider is Hostgator Web Hosting. This web-hosting server is among the popular web hosting companies in the world. Similar to other web hosting companies, Hostgator offers a number of web hosting plans. Given that Hostgator is the leading web-hosting provider, it offers the best and high-quality web hosting plans. Web hosting plans are essential since they assist your computer connect to another computer, which sends files to your browser. The browser then hands over those files into web pages, and this gives you the opportunity to view them.

Hostgator offers three main web-hosting plans, and these are:

o Baby Plan

o Hatchling Plan

o Business Plan

5/5 Baby Plan

The Baby plan is the most fundamental in Hostgator. It is better than Hatchling plan in that it is able to support unlimited domains. The Baby plan can be used in the creation of online store despite having fewer e-commerce features as compared to the Business plan. Currently, Hostgator has an offer of 20% on this plan. The web hosting packages of this plan include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domains while the package details include 24/7/365 support, instant backups, no contract, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and instant/free setup. Other package details of this plan are a 45-day money back guarantee and $100 credit* Google Adwords. Hostgator charges an amicable fee of $7.96 per month.

5/5 Hatchling Plan

According to Hostgator, Hatchling plan is one-step below the Baby plan; Hostgator’s most basic plan. Hatchling is similar to the Baby plan, except that it only supports hosting for one domain name rather than hosting for unlimited domains. Similarly, it has unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The Hatchling plan also offers 24/7/365 support, instant backups, no contract, and 99.9 % uptime guarantee, among others. Additionally, Hatchling plan has unlimited sub domains and FTP Accounts under Domain/FTP Features. Just like Baby plan, it supports WordPress Hosting, CGI, Fast CGI, Python, SSI, Cron, Ruby on Rails, and PHP 5, among others. On Email Hosting, Hatchling plan has unlimited POP3 Account. Hostgator charges a friendly fee of $5.56 on a monthly basis.

5/5 Business Plan

Similar to the Baby plan, Business plan provides unlimited domains instead of one domain. Besides, it is quite expensive than the Baby and Hatchling Plan: Charging a monthly price of $14.95 in a single month. It also has unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Unlike the Baby and Hatchling plan, Business plan offers a free Dedicated IP, Free Private SSL, and many more. Furthermore, it has unlimited Addon/Parked Domains and free Anonymous FTP, which are not in the Hatchling plan. The Business plan, just like the Baby and Hatchling Plan, provides free module installation, image magick, front page, and many more. Currently, Hostgator offers a 20% off on this plan and charge an affordable fee of $11.96 per month.

5/5 Reasons for Choosing Hostgator

Apart from being a top-notch in excellent customer service and live support, Hostgator offers the following services; compatibility, software, hardware, Hostgator Special Offers, United States Based support, and 24/7/365 support; hence, the best web-hosting company.


Hostgator Coupons

Hostgator Coupons – A research article on the subject of the different Hostgator Webhosting plans submitted by Devin Zander.

HostGator is one of the more popular web hosting services that you can find advertised all over the internet. The companies’ mascot is a smiling blue Gator, with the catchphrase “Web Hosting Made Affordable and Easy!”. Are the HostGator Webhosting plans a reflection of their promise of a simple and affordable service? What are its webhosting features and how do they compare against the competition? We take a closer look to find out.

Hostgator Coupons

HostGator’s WebHosting Plans

There are currently 3 subscription services that will immediately get you started on creating your very own website and domain. There is the Hatchling Plan that provides a single domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and a shared SSL certificate for $5.56 per month, locked in for a year. You can opt to pay for it monthly for $7.16, choose a lock in 6 month-period for $7.16/mo, a lock-in 2 years for $4.76, and 3 years for $3.96, all in monthly fees.


The Baby Plan provides an unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, and a shared SSL certificate. Pricing starts at $7.96 per month, locked in for a year. Options to go monthly for $7.96, a 6 month lock-in for $7.96, a lock-in 2 years for $7.16, and 3 years for $6.36, all in monthly charges.

The Business Plan is the highest tiered-webhosting plan that HostGator provides. It includes unlimited domain, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a free toll-free number and a free private SSL and IP address for your website. Sign up for a year for only $11.96 per month, or choose to go monthly for the same rate. A 6 month lock-in for $11.96, a lock-in 2 years for $11.16, and 3 years for $10.36, all in monthly fees.

5-Star HostGator Features

Of course, what would the HostGator Webhosting Plans be without the features to create a great website? HostGator provides an array of useful tools to get you started, and some very useful freebies that will make your website debut a splash on the web’s front page.

Your website can be customized to become a blog or a wiki, a forum for sharing ideas, a CMS, a web photo gallery, or a fully functional online e-commerce store in just a few minutes. HostGator is powered by the excellent and reliable LAMP server, an acronym for Linux, Apache server, MySQL database and PHP, which are all open-source and house thousands of software and current applications that you can use. WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal are all compatible so you will not need to worry about hosting anywhere else.

cPanel Control Panel is always updated to the latest version to bring you the most modern conveniences when maintaining a website. All your website’s relevant statistics are listed here and can be immediately seen for real-time reports. Webalizer, Referrer, AWStats, Raw Log Manager and Error Logs are packaged together for a complete collection of reports. Whether using for blog, an e-commerce store, or in forums, you will find that instant shopping carts , counters and forums can enhance user’s overall experience while browsing through your website. Manage password protected directories, customize error pages, and experience other convenient features such as a Hotlink protection, a Redirect URL, an IP Deny Manager that truly defines the meaning of total control.

Email is also an integral part in any website, and HostGator understands this well. They do not skimp over email features, in fact, HostGator provides unlimited POP3 email addresses with SMTP. Access your webmail in any browser via RoundCube, SquirrelMail or Horde. Remove unnecessary spam with Spam Assassin and set the emails to be forwarded to your phone using IMAP Support. They also provide unlimited mail forwards, mailing lists, email aliases and autoresponders, something that you might pay extra on other webhosting services.

Conclusion – 5/5 Stars!

The listed features are among the best ones that any webhosting service provides its customers, and HostGator gives them all at a low price. The icing on the webhosting service cake is the unbeatable support that HostGator provides, as premium help can be availed of 24/7/365 using Live Chat, the ticket system or by good old-fashioned phone support. Data backups are automatically done weekly, and their servers are monitored all the time, 24/7/365. The company promise a 99.9% uptime and a 45 Day Guarantee for trying out their excellent services at no risk. HostGator also has a friendly community forum for personal tips and insights on how to run your website better. Head on over to and start building your very own website today!

Bitcoin Technology

Bitcoin Mining Technology – A Biocongroup research article submitted by Marcus on the topic of Bitcoin Technology.

Bitcoin has been developed in 2009 as an experimental system. Since then, it has become a very popular digital currency. This means it can be helpful for buying and selling stuff. One of the challenges that people have to face when they decide to join the Bitcoin mining adventure is the lack of clear information for beginners. Before starting to make a profit from this activity, people must clearly understand how it really works.

Bitcoin Biocongroup

The first thing you need is a Bitcoin Wallet for placing your Bitcoins. A wallet is a piece of software that can store coins individually by assigning a specific address to each of them. There are different wallets available, according to each operating system that is used. This software is open source, so there are variations of it as well. Some wallets require the user to perform backups regularly in order to avoid loss of currency. Others can store information online and backup is not needed in this case.

Learn to Profit from Bitcoin Technology:

The classical currency system involves printed papers called money. Bitcoin is completely different, because money is not printed, but discovered. Just as money is secured by banks, digital currency can be secured by cryptography. The process of discovering the currency is called Bitcoin mining and has been performed using computer processors in the beginning. This type of mining has proven not to be very effective and graphical processors started to be used instead of CPU’s.

The majority of Bitcoin users prefer to buy the currency exchanging money for it, because mining is a challenging process. Despite this, mining can be extremely rewarding once people learn how to do it. The currency is unique and involves peer to peer communication between different computers, in a similar way torrents work. Due to the huge amount of data that has to be processed for all the transactions that are made between users, there is a lot of computing power needed.

The Bitcoin system is completely managed by software, so there is no human controlling it. In order to be able to mine the currency, there is a need for more complex software than the one needed for transactions. A lot of calculations are made for mining, because cryptography problems must be solved and the security of the currency system has to be improved. When someone starts to mine for Bitcoin, the person has to use a computer program that will be able to solve cryptography problems and to compete with other similar programs from other users.

All the transactions are recorded on a log for all users and this also requires a huge computing power. Because of this, mining is often performed by mining pools, which are networks of multiple computers that are connected to solve cryptography problems easier. Every ten minutes, 25 Bitcoins are awarded to one of the users. There are only 21 billion units of Bitcoin and many people think the value of one unit will increase a lot in the future. This is one of the reasons for which people choose Bitcoin mining to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible until it runs out. They see these units like they would be the shares of a rising company.